20 Tips For Applying For College Scholarships

As seniors begin to celebrate their final year in high school, their thoughts quickly race to senior prom, senior pictures and grad night. However, it is just as important that they focus some of their energy into applying for college scholarships.

It is estimated that more than 9 million students receive grants or loans from the Department of Education each year. Despite the $83 billion that they will award this year, students and families must look at additional options to help pay for college including scholarships. Below are 20 helpful tips to begin the process.


1. Request packets in advance.

2. Make copies of the packet information in the event you make anY errors and need to redo the

3. Type your application packet.

4. If you do not have a typewriter consider having the document scanned and put on a disk.

5. Print your information on the application (only as a last resort).

6. Have your application reviewed for typos and clarity.


7. Send out the application a week before the application deadline.

8. Keep a copy of the completed application for your records.

9. If the packet needs to be received within a few days considering sending it overnight.

10. Do NOT send your application late, it reflects poorly on your organizational skills and ability to meet deadlines.


11. Request letters of recommendation well in advance of deadline.

12. Request letters from individuals that can speak to your accomplishments.

13. A generic letter is worse than having a missing letter.

14. Provide your writers with prepaid postage envelopes.

15. Provide your writers with a resume or brief portfolio of your accomplishments and activities.

16. Follow-up with your writers to be sure that your letters of recommendation have been


17. Include all extracurricular activities during high school.

18. Include activities that occur sporadically.

19. Service activities are necessary to be competitive.

20. Activities that demonstrate leadership qualities are also important.


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Scholarships For Single Moms – Suze Orman’s Tips For Single Moms to Get Financial Aid Revealed!

To be a single mom today is like one of the toughest thing to face in the world. One of the hardest things to do is to pay the huge bills. Dept is a hard reality for everyone but it turns out to be even harder for a single mom. Scholarships for single moms to get financial aid are a must these days. Looking at this, Suze Orman gives you some tips to get financial aid easily. Obama’s government has made this procedure quite easy in the year 2009.

You may begin this by consulting non profits around your resident who offer government financial aid for single moms. These organizations happen to offer assistance in employment, housing and even tuitions. State government also has offered programs to give help to single moms when they are in need. You may refer to TANF; it’s a program that helps you with food stamps, job training and assistance in placements. You can also take help from LIHEAP to give you assistance with the heating bill.

According to Suze Orman, Government assistance programs have certain criteria to give grants. Basic is that a single mom should be very poor in order to qualify for scholarship for single moms.

* Her income should not have many resources as well as they will just prove to be hurdles in her way.

* Some of the single mothers even have to resort in order to get a second job.

* Single mother is also offered to get counseling session to get over stress and frustration.

ASEAN organization gives scholarships for single mom to do their post graduation study. The fact that single parent households are getting increased in number day by day and the head is women leads to the fact that women should be independent and be financially settled. This organization makes it easier for single moms to get their post graduation degree and help them to take care of family side by side. University of waterloo deals with under graduation study and offers scholarships to single mothers.

Society survival in the United States may be dependent on the survival of single mother only. Scholarship for single moms is becoming easier to get provided you fulfill the conditions. This aid proves to be a safeguard for them.

Financial Aid Tips

College can be quite expensive, proving to be a major economic problem for struggling families. However, through the use of student loans, the playing field is somewhat leveled when it comes to aspiring for a higher education. In this article, we’ll give you some tips about how to get your financial aid sorted out in the best way possible.

– The first thing that you should do when beginning your search for financial aid is to fill out a FAFSA form. Standing for Free Application for Federal Student Aid, this form can be a good starting point when it comes to realizing what types of aid are available for you.

– Another thing to consider is how you’re going to handle the interest on your student loan. When you pay off your interest on a student loan, you’re often entitled to a tax deduction. Be sure to check the details of your loan and consult an expert if necessary to determine the deductability of your payments.

– You may want to consider the amount of money that you have in your savings account. When figuring out exactly how much aid a student deserves, possible loaners consider 35 percent of a student’s savings to be used towards college. Parents of the children have a mere 5.1 percent of their assets considered available for college funding, so you may want to transfer your funds in order to necessitate more aid.

– Be sure to determine exactly how your different types of aid will affect the others; sometimes, scholarships and other forms of aid can detract from the amount of the federal loan that you can receive. Be very cautious when it comes to accepting aid before you realize exactly what it will do to your entire aid situation.

– Be sure to apply at colleges as soon as possible. When you give them the opportunity to see that you are vying for attendance early, you run a better chance of receiving the scholarships and awards that the school has set aside for its students.

Now that you know a little more about how exactly the aid process works, you can better see how to use it to your advantage. The more that you know about the types of loans and offers that you are considering, the better you’ll be able to make a decision that is cost-effective over the long term. Best of luck!

3 Tips to Deal With Anxiety

Many people suffer from anxiety. Anxiety is just a higher level of fear to the so common question, ‘what if… ?’ Anxiety comes announced and completely takes over our minds.

Quite a few of my clients suffer or have suffered from anxiety. All these years working with them and helping them overcome and eradicate it taught me a lot. Today I would like to share three tips that might also help you handle such a crippling emotion.

  1. Anxiety is fear and, as such, in the future. Some of you might immediately tell me, ‘wait a minute, that’s not true. I feel the anxiety very much here, in the present.’ Yes, the feeling or emotion is there but where does it come from? What is the underlying fear that is causing it? Ask yourself what you’re afraid might happen and you’ll find the root of your anxiety. You might be surprised to discover that your answer is that something MIGHT happen some time in the future. Don’t be so surprised. That is always the case. People are afraid that something might happen. It could be something happening in the immediate future or some time later. But the “what if… such and such happens?” is always in the future. Understanding this basic concept gives you a first grasp on your anxiety. Anxiety is the result of your worrying that something may happen. That means that whatever you’re afraid of is still NOT HERE!
  2. Anxiety is in your thoughts, inside of you. ‘What if X happens? What if I can’t deal with that? What if I suffocate/have a heart attack/lose my mind and go crazy… ?’ These or similar thoughts flood your mind. You can’t seem to be able to control them and they grow stronger as time goes by. They represent your fear. As long as you remain “INSIDE YOUR HEAD,” in your thoughts, they will be in charge. Make the effort to look out. Make the effort to take control of yourself and “STEP OUT OF YOUR BRAIN” and onto the real world. Look around, focus your 5 senses on whatever is around you. Instead of focalizing your mind on whatever it is that is happening inside you, try and focus on what is around you. It could be an object or a person; you could choose to focus on something that’s happening or on one part of the reality that surrounds you. Mentally tell your brain: ‘Shhhhh! Thank you. I already know what you think but now I choose to think something else.’ And take the step to walk outside of your brain and your thoughts. Instead of being controlled by your brain and your thoughts, remember that YOU are in charge and you choose what to focus on.
  3. Anxiety happens in “freeze” mode. Fear paralyses us. Our mind is so locked up in the what ifs that we can think of nothing else. Thus, we freeze. We literally stop doing whatever it is that we were doing and just feel the growing anxiety. Action is the only real antidote here. As soon as we realize we’re stuck in this frozen fear, we need to force ourselves into motion. Movement and action will break the spell. Next time you become aware that you’re paralyzed, stand up, jump, walk, DO SOMETHING PHYSICAL and not automatic, something that requires your attention, and snap out of it!

Next time you feel anxiety creeping up on you, remember and use these three tricks. Anytime you realize that you are already trapped and controlled by your thoughts and their accompanying anxiety, remember and use these three tricks. Repeat as often as necessary. The more you use these tips, the weaker your anxiety will become.

You are much MORE than your thoughts. There is the rest of you. And there is the rest of the world outside of them.

Enjoy life, ALL of it,