Tilth – Angular Music

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Tilth Angular Music
Soft Abuse
12″ LP
100 Copies Black Vinyl

The debut LP from Tilth, released via the Soft Abuse label. Tilth started out as a duo between myself and Cody Yantis, now expanded to include one of my other steady collaborators Joe Houpert on drums and violin. This first record is a document of just Cody and I…mulling over the country life we were living…the dusty road…the idea of pushing yourself just a little bit more each night to see what happens….and to focus fully on the melody at hand via the Bill Dixon idea…”Go to the center”.

The rolling entrance of Angular Music, the proper debut from Nathan McLaughlin/Cody Yantis duo Tilth, is the fog hovering above the sound, the snow capping Rainier the Columbia cutting the land in two. It’s the beauty of nature carefully captured in glass. A calculating, spatial composition that feels like the freeze and the thaw—and that’s just the awe of “Godfather.”

Justin Spicer
February 15, 2013

What if echoes were not the end of something, but the beginning? What if they were not a reflection, but an expansion? What if echoes told us not that something is dying, but that it is living? These are the questions invoked by the slow, cyclic music of Tilth, the duo of Nathan McLaughlin and Cody Yantis. Over this LP’s seven concise pieces, pitched somewhere between improvisations and electroacoustic miniatures, the pair chase echoes — physical as well as metaphysical.

Their tools are modest. There are simple melodies on guitar, crests of feedback, saturated tape loops, radio grabs, domestic recordings, even snatches of piano, banjo and fiddle. But the duo’s focus is not on the tools themselves; it’s on their gentle, dialogic overlap. McLaughlin and Yantis discover happy accidents, hidden patterns and mysterious, asymmetric musical phrases. There’s familiarity in the music, but not predictability. I imagine the two even surprised themselves more than once during recording.

Matthew Wuethrich
February 15, 2013