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Various Artists ’ ’ ’
12″ LP Clear Green Vinyl

The recorded component of the 3rd Minnesota Biennial exhibition at The Soap Factory, curated by John Marks and David Petersen. The show is described…

, , , is an exhibition without a title, without a theme, and without a destination other than the exhibition itself. The third iteration of The Soap Factory’s presentation of a Minnesota biennial , , , is a philosophy that seeks to empower the exhibition’s artists, whose work has been included to dictate the course of exhibition more than the work and words of the curators. Following a mantra of “trust the platform,” Marks and Petersen remove themselves, as well as any subjective language from the exhibition’s title, to give agency to the artists to create their show. By employing a curatorial strategy they shared while directing Art of This, Marks and Petersen allow the show to become rather than direct what the show should be.

Recorded, produced and curated by John Marks this LP captures improvisations by two groups of musicians (Jackie Beckey/Rachel Blomgren/Crystal Brinkman/Isa Gagarin/Jonathan Kaiser/Crystal Myslajek and Casey Deming/John Jerry/Nathan McLaughlin).