Riding the Bronc

Nathan Mclaughlin Riding the Bronc
Cassette C40

Available via Nada

During my years living in Minnesota I was able to record an immense amount of music, and from time to time I was also able to perform live. My friend and collaborator Joe Houpert likened seeing my live performance to Bronc Riding, as it teeters on the edge of failure at every second.

This cassette captures two of these performances, one from my very last show in Minnesota in April of this year recorded by John Marks at the Madame of the Arts space. The other side features a recording at the Crow with No Mouth series, curated by Jesse Goin and held at Studio Z in St Paul. I think it covers the evolution of my solo live performances well, and chronicles an important period of time.

A big thanks to my friends in Minnesota for booking my performances while I lived there, and putting together some outstanding bills. An even greater thanks though goes to my friends at Camphill Village Minnesota, where I lived during that time. They provided me with the space to make music, a home in which to live, a car to make that long drive to Minneapolis to perform and some deep friendships that provided true inspiration for the music I was making. Without turning this into an advertisement for Camphill, I encourage folks to look up that fine community and the good work they are doing. My gratitude to them is endless…