Nathan McLaughlin – The Refrigerator is Emotional

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Nathan McLaughlin The Refrigerator is Emotional
12″ LP Black Vinyl
Edition of 200
Senufo Edition Twenty Eight

There is this issue of space. A vast landscape stretches horizon to horizon. Acre upon acre of spastic ring necks jumping from the bushes…cattle grazing gently. A relationship with the land borne out of the softest feelings with a realistic eye on the needs to survive.

There is still this issue of space. Walls seeming like they have encroached just an inch or so over some weeks. Private spaces prowled, toyed with, and altered to suit the needs of the commons.

A hunter attacks the ring neck from the river.
The cattle are paid a visit by a friendly man every couple of months who make the herd a bit smaller.
The pigs run wild on each other’s blood.

Signal change constantly, routing through one send into another.
Ideas emerge only to be deemed derivative and put away for a time to marinate….

And this issue of space. Waking up just a bit earlier to be sure the furnace burns hot for breakfast. Oats soaked overnight to take out that bitter taste, let us break the monotony tomorrow. Loud waking, quiet walking, all sorts of steps making way to the table. Closing in to join in together again at such an early hour.

A luminescent interaction that sets the pace for the day becomes the center of an ever growing universe. That fire has to heat everyone and set their vibrations to get the work done.

At times altering sound feels like it has to wait but it is happening all the time simply waiting to be bottled up and used a bit later, perhaps this afternoon around 1pm. There is time, not always space, and it is these real sounds and tasks that fuels a fire that lasts…

Recorded 2010 in Sauk Centre, Minnesota. A thank you to my community for providing me with the necessary space and time to record this music.