Nathan McLaughlin & Anne Guthrie – Line Studies

NM split

Nathan McLaughlin & Anne Guthrie Line Studies
Desire Path Recordings/FET Press
7″ Vinyl

Anne Guthrie first hit our radar at a show in Minneapolis, part of the Crow with No Mouth series. A St. Paul native now based in Brooklyn, Anne explores the world by “exploiting the natural acoustic phenomena of unique architectural spaces through minimal processing of field recordings”. Coupled with her in depth knowledge of french horn techniques, her music is singular. Inspired by her performance at that show in Minneapolis, Nathan McLaughlin invited her to be part of this project and here Nathan brings another chapter in his filtered and distilled ideas applied to melody and space. The most minimal record in the bunch…for the purists out there.

Part of the Line Studies project…
An effort to highlight the cruciality of collaboration and community. A series of five 7” records, wherein each of the four open this sonic dialog up to additional musicians of their choosing: Olli Aarni, Norm Chambers, Anne Guthrie, Mary Lattimore, Brad Rose, and Chris Koelle. The result is an exciting and varied survey of purposeful sound. A co-release between FET Press & Desire Path Recordings, editions of 100 on black vinyl.