Loud & Sad – Unknown Species

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Loud & Sad Unknown Species
12″ LP Black Vinyl
Greenup Industries

In the arc of Loud & Sad….Unknown Species is a statement. We had no choice but to stand by and simply experience Whale Fall as it happened, then took to the skies with Dawn Chorus but we were, even after so many years working together, still finding our footing. Here we have the true product of Whale Fall…something that can walk around and talk and it has it’s own vocabulary.

the driver can not find the airport. she can see the planes landing from the highway, and yet that exit still eludes her. ironically, her sole job is to drive a person from the hotel to the airport. it is a terrible, early hour of the morning, and the 1 am whisky that washed down leftover pork belly seemed like a good idea at the time but not so much now. the early morning flight to phiadelphia….the straight arrow drive back out to the sticks of central minnesota…these are the trips that now lie ahead. the journey that marked the start of a new record, the formation of a new recording process, and discussion on better ways of looking at the idea of song is now in the rearview. it is late march 2011, loud & sad had wrapped up a brief tour of the midwest only to again go our separate ways and begin making this record….apart but together.

Edition of 250
Available for purchase via Experimedia (US)
Recorded in Philadelphia,PA and Sauk Centre,MN between April and December 2011.

Loud & Sad, while bold enough to experiment with different palettes, never loses the plot. Perhaps it is because the unfamiliar contains so many aspects of the familiar. This keeps the listener intrigued instead of confused, and makes Unknown Species something worth naming and owning – even if it cannot be properly categorized.
Richard Allen – February 1st, 2013