Houpert/Mason/McLaughlin/Yantis – Line Drawings

Houpert/Mason/McLaughlin/Yantis Line Drawings
Desire Path Recordings

A line in the sand…

A subtle phrase.
What is not subtle is the end: things will not be the same.

Drawing a line.
Does this line separate us? Or does it mark our progress?

Line Drawings is our attempt at creating a community of musicians that challenge each other to make deliberate music. Born from a range of frustrations, the line initially served as a divider, separating purposeful music from aimless music.

But what’s beyond?

More lines…
More division…

The act of line drawing can become self-defeating.

And so the motivation shifted from division to marking our progress. The line marks where we were, our eyes continually focused upstream. Our steps are calculated, our progress deliberate.

These pieces document the joy and struggle of definition, of realization.
Of making deliberate music.
Of fostering community.