For some weeks now there has been chatter and various press around a project named Line Drawings. We thank everyone who may have preordered the special edition bundles, and we hope you enjoy all of the fine music contained therein.

For any of you who are hearing about this project for the first time the FET Press website has a succinct write up on it ( and Free Form Freakout recently did an audio feature ( The project captures audio across several mediums but this email is to put a spotlight on the 7″ records which are a co-release between FET Press and Desire Path Recordings known as Line Studies. Something new for FET Press, and an important note, is that these are not lathe cut records but are pressed vinyl – the medium most folks are more familiar with.

The core musicians in the project (Joe Houpert, Josh Mason, Nathan McLaughlin & Cody Yantis) picked artists whose work they admire to participate in this 7″ series…those folks are Olli Aarni, Chris Koelle, Brad Rose, Mary Lattimore, Anne Guthrie and Norm Chambers. These releases cover a lot of territory, really showcasing the broad and adventurous nature of the current experimental music world. They were mastered by Erich Steiger whose previous work includes McLaughlin’s LP on Senufo Editions, and were pressed onto black vinyl at Gotta Groove Records…full color inserts seal the deal.

The records can be purchased individually ( or in money saving bundles ( Please be sure to choose the right country for shipping purposes, that will avoid any delays in your order.